WRAPS from Oriento

Chicken Gyro

Chicken Gyro - Oriento Restaurant
Chicken,Lettuce, Red onions, Fries, Oriento sauce,
2100 kr 0 kr

Cheesy Gyro

Cheesy Gyro - Oriento Restaurant
Chicken,,Lettuce,Red onions,Oriento sauce Mushrooms,Cheese,French fries
2650 kr 0 kr

Falafel Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich - Oriento Restaurant
Falafel,lettuce ,Tomato, Cucumber,Vegetarian sauce or Vegan sauce
2500 kr 0 kr

Hummus Sandwich

Hummus Sandwich - Oriento Restaurant
Hummus, Lettuce, Tomato,Cucumber
1800 kr 0 kr

Souvlaki Chicken

Souvlaki Chicken - Oriento Restaurant
Chicken , Greek pita bread, Lettuce ,Tomato,Red onions,Oriento sauce ,French fries
2900 kr 0 kr

Mix Chicken and Lamb Gyro

Mix  Chicken and Lamb Gyro - Oriento Restaurant
Lamb and chicken gyro,Lettuce ,Tomato,Red onions,Oriento sauce French fries
2300 kr 0 kr

Souvlaki Lamb

Souvlaki Lamb - Oriento Restaurant
Lamb gyro, Greek pita bread,Lettuce ,Tomato,Red onions,Tzatziki sauce and French fries
3500 kr 0 kr

Ham Hoagies

Ham Hoagies - Oriento Restaurant
Ham, cheese,lettuce, tomatoes , cucumber,bell pepper
1690 kr 0 kr

Lamb Gyro

Lamb Gyro - Oriento Restaurant
Lamb,lettuce, tomatoes,tzatziki sauce,red onions,fries,dill sauce
2500 kr 0 kr